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QUICK DAZ STUDIO 4.20 UPDATE: If you updated to Daz Studio 4.20, the lighting in most of our Products will most likely be broken currently. Daz is looking into the issue. For now, you can use the Script below on any of the ROG Product scenes to fix the li

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If you updated to Daz Studio 4.20, the lighting in most of our Products will most likely be broken currently.

Daz is looking into the issue.

For now, you can use the Script below on any of the ROG Product scenes to fix the lighting in 4.20. (load Scene in Daz, then run script in Daz).
I would NOT save the changed saves over the original ones, in case Daz fixes the issue and makes the changes redundant.

CANDLES: Candles can only carry a partial fix due to how they’re built. You may get large white/yellow bloom spheres around them if using bloom depending on distance and angle to the candles.
The Iray denoiser will completely fix this as soon as it kicks in.
If you don’t want to denoise your renders, set it to kick in on the first or second iteration. That will fix the bloom issue and have little to no effect on the final render.

SCRIPT: https://www.dropbox.com/s/60grr16h1sx1bsr/ROG_LightSolution.zip?dl=0

*There’s 2 scripts, one for the Euro Apartment, and another for all other ROG enviros.




Hi all!

Updating this Thread for the new Entrance coming out soon !!!

– Back of the entrance connects to the Fantasy Home Hallways.
– There’s 2 different Entrance lengths.
– They each come in several variations, with and without windows on the sides.
– 2 Variants of the exterior Facade in 3 colors.
– Exterior Facade is made to be easily swappable with future Facades.
– The entrance product comes with scene subsets that decorate the entrance with the Hallway Furniture set, for those wanting more options or not wanting to purchase the Entrance furniture set.

– DAY / NIGHT render settings: Window emissives are set to DAY light by default. If you want night, select the wall or the window in question and you should see 2 groups for the window lights, just turn OFF the day light and ON the night light group. Iray render settings for day or night are in the Fantasy Home blue folders, they’re the same render settings used for all Fantasy Home Products.

– INFO icons in most folders contain more help/information about the content in the mouse over TIP.

– Some promos below!


This thread will be used for all ROG Fantasy Home related products.

ROG%20FantasyHome.tip.png?raw=1 CURRENT FANTASY HOME PRODUCTS:

ROG%20FantasyHome.tip.png?raw=1 COMING NEXT:

  • Kitchen
  • Small Bedroom
  • Alt Large Room with Round Door.



  • Each Fantasy Home product has its own icon. 
    – Everything in the folder with the blue icons ROG%20FantasyHome.tip.png?raw=1 is for all Fantasy Home products (shared render settings etc).
    – When something within a Product is made to work with another product (like a scene Subset from a furniture product that populates a room, it will also be indicated with a small icon within the scene subset Icon).

FH-Folders.png?raw=1 FH-LRF%20Setup%20for%20ROG%20FH-Large%20

  • For those wanting to export the products to other apps, there’s 2 Hierarchical Material Presets included with the architecture, under Material Presets. Apply them to the whole scene (interior and exterior).
    There’s an info Icon there that should explain what’s what.
  • Filament Users: Walls (interior and exterior) and floor will be shiny/glossy in Filament and NOT have all the texture blending on them. This seems to be because Filament does not yet support DAZ’s 4 layer blend shader taht was used.
    Applying the Hierarchical ‘Simple Materials’ preset included to the whole scene, will replace the 4 layer blended materials with a regular Iray material that has all blending baked in.
    These materials might use more RAM or VRAM, so for Iray I’d always use the default materials, or reapply them with the ‘Complex Materials’ preset included.
  • The ‘Complete’ scenes have everything set up, lighting, interior + exterior etc so they’re always a good place to start.
    – If you’re just doing interior renders, you can hide or delete the exterior to speed things up and save VRAM and load it back anytime through the included Scene Subset.
  • Remember that the Fantasy Home Rooms are built to snap to a 25 cm grid that you can set in DAZ, to make sure everything snaps and fits well together if you’re trying to combine rooms and hallways.


Promos, some of them using the Living Room Furniture, some the Hallway Furniture sets:



And decorated with the HALLWAY furniture, using the scene subsets included:





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