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What AI Writers pass the GPT-2 Output Detector

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Hello fellow Asksolved members

I have been shopping around for an AI Writer and was hoping members of this community could come together and map out what Ai Writers can pass or consistently pass the GTP-2/3 Output Detector.

link – https://huggingface.co/openai-detector

All Ai Writers Tested


Outputs – 20
Detection Rate – 34.14%

It seems like Wrtiesonic uses GTP-3 for the initial output and then runs another algorithm on top of it and sends the results to the user. These outputs, in terms of passing the detection, are by far the best.


Outputs – 20
Detection Rate – 87.1%


Outputs – 20
Detection Rate – 92.5%


Outputs – 20
Detection Rate – 92.6%
20 Failed Outputs used in “Content Rewrite” – 91.56%

The output quality is really good, but the detection rate is high. Using the Content Rewriter, with 20 failed outputs made a noticeable difference.


Outputs – 20
Detection Rate – 92.85%


Outputs – 20
Detection Rate – 94.96%
20 Failed Outputs used in “Content Improver” – 9.66%

The output quality is the best of all the writers but has a high detection rate. The Content Improver they provide works exceptionally well to decrease the detection rate.


Outputs – 20
Detection Rate – 95.8%


Outputs – 20
Detection Rate – 99.8%


Outputs – NA
Detection Rate – NA


This is the average detection rate. With a minimum of 50 words.

Some outputs are Usable, at 87% real and 13% fake. While others can be easily detected at 0.02 % real and 99.98 % fake and should not be used.

If the Ai Writer has a tool like “Content improver” or “Content Rewriter” it will be used with failed inputs of the same writer.

Failed Outputs are obvious detections – 0.02% -10%. Real

Special Thanks

@sundar50000 gave me access to some tools; thank you
@cesareborgia did as well, thanks

Will add more writers and data as they are discovered.

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