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Cockapoo is a huge softy and scared of everything!

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He's lovely, but he's so soft!

Is this normal for a cockapoo pup? When I take him anywhere he will keep running over to me to be picked up and hide behind me lol. The WIND kept scaring him today! Other dogs terrify him. He also keeps jumping onto the bottom part of my sons pram and just coasting along for the ride instead of walking.

We take him to a dog walking meadow near me to try socialise him with other dogs, but he's absolutely terrified and will not go to make friends no matter how long we are there. He just wants to be held and cuddled like a human baby haha. If i leave him then he hides behind me and puts his head into me like he's scared.

I'm used to a Saint Bernard, so admittedly I may have been too cuddly with him when we first brought him home as it's like cuddling a fluffy teddybear (Saint bernard puppy couldnt be picked up at this age, he was massive!) and now I fear I have created a softy.

How should I approach this? Just keep showing up, knowing he's scared. Or do I give it a break? We live rurally and he's better around near where we live, but if we go into a town or anywhere busier you can't get him to walk at all. He will stand still and cry. We are out quite often with the children, so Ive had to buy a dog bag! I never thought I'd be the person who bought a dog bag!! lol. Not sure what other options I have though

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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